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NEO Announces “Narnia” Cast!

The NEO Theatre Experience is proud to announce the cast and crew for, “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” dramatized for the stage by Joseph Robinette, based on The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis.

Season tickets available here!

TO ACCEPT YOUR ROLE, please message Phillip Shamblin or Aaron Smith directly or on Facebook AND request membership to the Cast and Crew closed group. Rehearsals begin October 7th at 6:30pm with a read through in Shipley, room 205. All cast and crew must attend. Under the age of sixteen must be accompanied by a parent on campus. Thank You!

Aslan – Logan DeVore
White Witch – Anna Seat
Lucy – Hadlee Frazier
Edmund – Jacob Sanda
Susan – Madelyn Hilburn
Peter – Isaiah Nickles
Mr. Beaver – Johnathan Boyd
Mrs. Beaver – Heather Moss
Unicorn – Tyler Lloyd
Centaur – Gray Wellman
Tumnus – Dustin Warner
Fenris Ulf – Dylan Stackle
Dwarf – Ryland Asher
Father Christmas – Eric Mahurin
Elf – Kaeli Maxwell
White Stag – Trinity Pruitt

Aslan’s Followers (Forest Animals)
Alexandria Griffin
Robbie Wilmoth
Isaac Anariba-Reyes
Goldie Snow
Jovona Elias
Addisyn McElhaney
Berkeley Ulrey
Aryaunna McElhaney
Andi Jo Chambers
Ella Brown

Witch’s Army (Evil Villains)
Libby Thomasson
Annamaria Thomas
Sabrina Mott-Jenkins
Briana Witham
Nicholas Warner
Seth Nickles
Kaitlynn Warner
Luke Cole
Jocelyn Colby

Wood Nymphs (Stage Crew)
Hayley Holloran
Matthew Johnstone
Blake Frazier
Ruth Nickles
Ayden Miller

Costumes & Makeup
Karly Renfrow
Kelly Anderson

Stage Manager – Mackenzie Stackle
Production Manager – Jennifer Smith
Costume Manager – Rachel Sanda
Technical Director – Chet Rogers
Directors – Phillip Shamblin & Aaron Smith