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The NEO Theatre Experience

Welcome to a whole new experience…

The NEO Theatre Experience is a non-degree co-curricular program for students enrolled at the college and for high school students who plan to enroll after graduation. Students from any major can participate.

NEO A&M College Students

As a student enrolled at NEO A&M College, you have a greater chance of being cast in a principal role. We want your résumé to entice universities and employers. Students who participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities appear dynamic and engaged. Whether you want a performing arts career, or have a different path in mind, consider the many ways theatre may help you advance.

High School Students

The NEO Theatre Experience is a valuable opportunity for area high school students planning to attend college after graduation. By participating now, students will gain firsthand, real-world stage experience, and they will become familiar to the directors, which is a powerful advantage for scholarships.