NEO Theatre Announces “Alice” Cast and Tea Party Costume Contest

This year’s season premiere live theatre production at NEO A&M College is the legendary Alice in Wonderland. The event will feature three evening performances the last week of October, plus a Halloween matinee with an onstage tea party and costume contest.

Alice in Wonderland follows the young adventurer Through the Looking Glass as she explores a surreal world filled with the vibrant characters of Lewis Carroll’s classic tales.

On Sunday, immediately after the final performance, anyone who would like to attend the Hatter’s Tea Party can enter Wonderland for an additional $5 to enjoy tea, potions, cakes and tarts onstage with Alice and the rest of the cast.

The cast and crew will select and announce costume contest winners on Sunday at the Hatter’s Tea Party. You must be present and in costume to win. Wonderland-themed costumes are not required to enter the contest but are given preference.

The cast and crew of NEO Theatre’s Alice in Wonderland:

Carroll – JulieAnna Rohde
Alice – Olivia Harris
Mad Hatter – Anna Seat
Gryphon – Kaeli Maxwell
White Rabbit – Matthew Jordan
Cheshire Cat – True Williams
Red Queen – Karley Jones
Queen of Hearts – Danica Rowe
Mock Turtle – Kayla Ford
Humpty Dumpty – Charlotte Boyd
King of Hearts – Ryland Asher
White Queen – Ariana Snell
Tweedledee – Aaron Bishop
Tweedledum – Goldie Snow
Caterpillar – Benjamin Agwu Eme
Knave of Hearts – Archer Resz
March Hare – Ella Brown
Duchess – Annamaria Thomas
Dormouse – Kateri Rohde
Frog – Isaiah Nickles
Seven-Spot – Jacob Sanda
Five-Spot – Michael Harris
Two-Spot – Sophie Harris
Crew – River O’Connell, Myles Resz, Izak Wigelsworth
Production Manager – Jennifer Smith
Costume Director – Rachel Sanda
Directed by Aaron Smith

Tickets to the show are available at the door, general admission. $10 for adults, $5 for child/teen. Cash and checks accepted. Free for NEO students and employees. To purchase a season pass or reserve your seats, visit and click on “Tickets.”

The Hatter’s Tea Party is an additional $5 per person and includes Alice in Wonderland themed refreshments. Costume contest categories are 0-12 years old, 13-17, and 18 and up. All three categories have prize packages, including a Groove MINI Bluetooth Karaoke machine for 18 and up.

Alice in Wonderland is in the NEO Fine Arts Center October 28-30 at 7:30pm and October 31 at 2:30pm. The show runs approximately eighty minutes. The costume contest and Hatter’s Tea Party will begin a few minutes after the Sunday matinee.

For more information contact Aaron Smith, the NEO Theatre Artistic Director, at 918-540-6181 or