Caesar “On the Steps” Huge Success (Photo Gallery)

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The first annual “Shakespeare on the Steps” brought nearly 200 people out to see Julius Caesar on the NEO Fine Arts portico.

Despite the rain and cold on October 6, 2019, the community showed their support in large turnout for The NEO Theatre Experience production of, “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar.” Organizers quickly grabbed additional chairs to accommodate as many people as possible.

The event lasted five hours, from noon until 5:00pm. The performance was about two and a half hours. Skies were cloudy most of the time, but when the conspirators stabbed Caesar, his gold laurel crown fell to the makeshift stage and glistened in a ray of sunshine.

Originally, the performance was to take place on the planter in front of the portico. The audience was to sit around the planter and fountain. Due to the rain, the performance and audience were setup under the portico.

Kids played by the Chimes Tower, sword fighting with sticks.

Miami residents comprised the majority of the audience, but attendees introduced themselves from Grove, Vinita, Joplin, Tulsa, Claremore, Jay, Baxter Springs, Galena, and Welch.

Food service was free for Season Pass holders. Parents and grandparents of student actors helped grill hotdogs, prepare the nachos and chili, pop popcorn, and setup the lemonade, tea, and coffee. Donations were used to acquire concessions equipment for future events.

With three productions left in the academic year, Season Passes are still a value and hold special perks, such as unlimited attendance. Plus, your purchase is a donation, an essential contribution to The NEO Theatre Experience.

NEO Theatre’s next show is, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, part of the series, “The Chronicles of Narnia,” by C. S. Lewis. See it in the Fine Arts center November 14-16 at 7:30pm and November 17 at 2:30pm.

Photos courtesy of Rachel Sanda

Julius Caesar Cast & Crew

Eric Mahurin – Marcus Brutus
Dylan Stackle – Caius Cassius
Logan DeVore – Mark Antony
Johnathan Boyd – Caesar, Ghost
Anna Seat – Casca, Fourth Plebeian, Messenger
Mackenzie Stackle – Portia
Heather Moss – Decius Brutus, First Plebeian, Pindarus
Ryland Asher – Octavius, Cinna the Poet, Popilius, A Carpenter
Tyler Lloyd – Messala, Marullus, Cinna
Kaeli Maxwell – Lucius, Young Cato
Trinity Pruitt – Servant to Caesar
Gray Wellman – Lucilius, Artemidorus, Titinius
Matthew Johnstone, Jr. – Flavius, Second Soldier
Morgan Labatt – Calphurnia
Sabrina Mott-Jenkins – Third Plebeian
Phillip Shamblin – Metellus Cimber, Director
Aaron Smith – A Soothsayer, Director
Nick Nienhuser – First Soldier
Alexandria Griffin – Cicero, Publius, Clitus
Isaac Anariba-Reyes – Trebonius, Lepidus, Another Poet, Volumnius
Annamaria Thomas – Caius Ligarius, Strato, Claudius
Dustin Warner – A Cobbler, Third Soldier
Goldie Snow – Octavius’ Attendant
Zachary Thomas – Labeo, Dardanus
Chet Rogers – Technical Director
Jennifer Smith – Production Manager
Rachel Sanda – Costume Manager
Karly Rentfro – Costumes Assistant
Kelly Anderson – Costumes Assistant
Allison Graham – Percussion
Sam Smith – Strings

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