NEO Announces “Matilda” Cast and Crew

The NEO Theatre Experience is proud to announce the talented cast and crew for Matilda the Musical. We had such a large turnout for auditions that we simply could not cast everyone. Please do not let this discourage you from auditioning for future productions. Thank You!

To accept your role, please request/accept access to the Matilda Cast & Crew Facebook group

Matilda Wormwood – Olivia Portnoy
Agatha Trunchbull – Tyler Lloyd
Miss Honey – Ruth Nickles
Mr. Wormwood – Aaron “Radar” Bishop
Mrs. Wormwood – Grayson Wellman
Michael Wormwood – Isaiah Nickles
Mrs. Phelps – Mackenzie Stackle
Bruce – Seth Nickles
Lavender – Presley Griswold
Escapologist/Entertainer – Ryland Asher
Cook/Parent – Heather Moss
Sergei – Logan Devore
Henchman #1/Parent – Matthew Johnstone, Jr.
Henchman #2/Parent – Eric Mahurin
Henchman #3 – Michal Scalfani
The Acrobat – Ella Brown
Doctor/Ensemble – Anna Seat
Rudolpho – Kaleb Jinks
Amanda – Hadlee Frazier
Nigel – Michael Portnoy
Eric – Jacob Sanda
Alice – Kaitlynn Warner
Hortensia – Madelyn Hilburn
Tommy – Jace Riggs-Austin

Parents/Adult Ensemble
Goldie Snow, Alexandria Griffin, Jonathan Boyd

Children Ensemble
Maylia Valdez, Daisy Harvey, Cadence Frazier, Alli Hoaun, Yanell Gonzalez, Berkeley Ulrey, Andi Jo Chambers, Kira Osborn, Sophie Portnoy, Perla Gonzalez, Maddy Weeks

Control Room/Tech Crew
Sabrina Mott-Jenkins, Kaeli Maxwell, Hayley Holloran, Annamaria Thomas

Costumes & Makeup – Rachel Sanda
Technical Director – Chet Rogers
Production Manager – Jenne Smith
Vocal Director – Dustin Warner
Directors – Phillip Shamblin & Aaron Smith