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NEO Announces Fahrenheit 451 Cast

The NEO Theatre Experience is happy to announce the cast for Fahrenheit 451, adapted for the stage by Ray Bradbury himself. Thank You to everyone who auditioned.

Performances: April 23-25 at 7:30, April 24 at 10:30 (schools), April 26 at 2:30

Rehearsals Begin March 2 (Mon, Tue, Thur) 6:30-9pm. If you accept your role listed below, please request access to the Cast & Crew Facebook page here,

Montag – Logan Devore
Black – Isaac Anariba-Reyes
Holden – Gray Wellman
Beatty – Dylan Stackle
Clarisse – Goldie Snow
Rostand/First Paramedic – Sabrina Mott-Jenkins
Second Paramedic – Kaeli Maxwell
Mildred – Anna Seat
Mrs. Hudson – Mackenzie Stackle
Faber – Dustin Warner
Alice – Alexandria Griffin
Helen – Heather Moss
Aristotle – Johnathan Boyd
Tolkien – Ella Brown
Bronte – Myles Resz
Dostoevsky – Destiny Bridgeman
St. Exupéry/Disc – Hayley Holloran
Tolstoy – Tyler Lloyd
Wilde – Briana Witham
Carroll – Trinity Pruitt
Plato – Annamaria Thomas
Melville – Maddison Matthews
Robert Luis Stevenson – Eric Mahurin
Clock – Siri/Alexa
Alarm – Briana Witham
Announcer & TV – Matthew Johnstone, Jr.
Newscaster – Kaeli Maxwell