Final Performance 2pm Today, World Premiere “Living Dead”

NEO presents, “Night of the Living Dead,” a world-premiere adaptation of George A. Romero’s 1968 iconic horror film.

Corpses emerge from their grave and wander from the cemetery in search of human bodies to eat. These zombies are aimless, slow-walking hunters that turn quick to attack at the smell of fresh meat. They crash through car windows and devour the people inside. They raid homes and businesses looking for prey.

In the midst of the chaos, a group of random survivors takes refuge in an abandoned house. As the zombies begin to close in around them, those inside realize the living are even more dangerous than the monsters outside.


Experience the Living Dead like never before! The production utilizes the whole Fine Arts auditorium to immerse the audience into the story—a mix of live and multimedia special effects. Stay after the show for the Masquer’s Club Haunted House.

Barbra — Trinity Pruitt
Ben — Logan DeVore
Harry Cooper — Trueman Satterwhite
Helen Cooper — Lexie Wellman
Karen Cooper — Hayley Holloran
Tom — Trace Henry
Judy — Libby Thomasson
Johnny — Robbie Phillips
Sheriff McClelland — Cheyenne Sanchez
Principle Zombie Man — Michael Christenson
Principle Zombie Woman — Rachael Adams
Principle Zombie Dead — Isaac Anariba
Reporter — Gavin Clay
Scientist — Denver Miller
Sergeant — Josh Landis

Zombies & Posse —  Charlie Brandon, Katrina Ball, Mackenzie Stackle, Jennifer Warner, Kaitlynn Warner, William, Alex Flowers, Taylor Nichols, Cori Clemons, Kelsi Foust, Nancy Roberts, Sky Pendergraft, Gina Stowell-Rentfrow, Karly Rentfrow.

Director(s) — Phillip Shamblin and Aaron Smith
Production Manager — Jennifer Smith
Assistant to the Directors — Dustin M. Warner
Technical Director — Chet Rogers
Stage Manager — Robbie Wilmoth
Assistant Stage Manager — Sabrina Mott-Jenkins

Get your season passes here! Tickets also available before the show at the Fine Arts box office.

Authorization to present Night of the Living Dead™ courtesy of Image Ten, Inc.