NEO Theatre Artistic Review

What is an Artistic Review?

An artistic review is an evaluation of your talents or skills demonstrated by audition and discussion. Use this page to learn what to prepare, and to schedule your audition.

Reminder: Please submit your theatre scholarship application if you haven’t already.

As a non-degree co-curricular program, students in any major can participate in the NEO Theatre Experience.

Artistic Review for Actors

Theatre & Music Theatre

Your artistic review begins with introducing yourself, then a Q&A session, followed by performance of the monologues and the optional music selection. The review concludes with a technique overview and exercise, and any questions you have for the evaluator.

Instructions: Print both monologues. Mark the text with your direction. Vertical lines for pauses, underline punch words, and write blocking notes in the margins. Bring the paper with you to auditions. Both monologues must be memorized and rehearsed, delivered standing, without props.

Dramatic Monologue:Regarding Henry

DR. SULTAN: The bullet hasn’t moved. I wish we could get at it … but if we’re a little lucky, it’ll never move and he’ll be fine. (looks through charts) His brainwaves and reflexes look great. For a guy that’s just come out of a three month coma he’s in better shape than I am. Sarah, the truth is, it’s going to be a long rehabilitation. It could take six months … it could take six years. We’re starting from scratch here. Henry doesn’t remember how to speak, or how to move, or anything. His memories are still in there, I mean one day everything might come back, but there are no guarantees. There’s nothing more we can do here. I’ve spoken to a clinic in Bedford that I’ve done some work with. We can get Henry in there immediately. Sarah, I just want to make sure you’re prepared. Henry might not remember you, or your daughter, or anyone. Ever. [ both monologues and music printable ]

Comedic Monologue:Mean Girls

NORBURY: Regina George. Every girl here is afraid of you. I’m afraid of you half the time. But I’ve met girls like you before and I can tell you, if you don’t change your life, you’re about ten years away from being a divorced Real Estate agent with chipped nail tips. And don’t think Regina is the meanest girl in this school. I have never met anybody as mean as Jessica Lopez. I’ve seen Jessica Lopez make a girl cry just by looking at her. Do it, Jessica. You guys wear your tiny little t-shirts that say “Princess” and “Diva” and you act like you’ve got it all under control, but I know you’re freaking out inside. You feel like everybody else has some kind of secret guidebook on how to be perfect and cute and you’re just a goon. That’s cause you’re still changing. Not everybody looks their best at 15. (to an awkward girl) Annika. You’re gonna hit your peak in five years. (to another awkward girl) Emily, it’s all gonna happen for you in your thirties. You’re gonna be, like – (sexy voice) “I teach yoga in Los Angeles” Karen, you are at your peak right now. Take a lot of pictures. Wear your bathing suit whenever possible. This is it for you. [ both monologues and music printable ]

Music (Optional):Anything Goes

[ both monologues and music printable ]

Artistic Review for Crew

Theatre Technicians, Stagehands, & Allied Crafts

Your artistic review begins with introducing yourself, then a Q&A session, followed by presentation of the requested materials. The review concludes with any questions you have for the evaluator. Students focused on theatre tech have the same scholarship opportunities as actors.

We understand you may not have the requested materials. Many students are unaware they needed these items for future projects or the materials do not apply to your work. Put together what you can and be ready to discuss the rest. Provide the materials via screen share during your Zoom meeting.

  • Letters of RecommendationTwo letters preferred: 1) From a drama teacher or community theatre director or stage manager; 2) From a fellow student stagehand or actor.
  • Knowledge of Stage TermsVerbally demonstrate knowledge of basic stage terms.
  • Photos or Video of Works in ProgressSet construction or design, painting, costume pieces, props, etc.
  • Photos or Videos of Finished WorksSet construction or design, painting, costume pieces, props, etc.
  • Equipment Experience OverviewTools, sound/light equipment, line systems, special FX you have used.
  • Samples of ArtworkCostume, makeup, prop, or set design sketches, blueprints, or notes.
  • Samples of PaperworkProduction schedules, scene/prop lists, or prompt notes in a script.
  • Materials Used in ProductionSound, music, lighting, costumes, props you created, scripts or scores you have written.

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Though you will need time to gather the necessary materials and prepare for your artistic review, schedule your audition now. This will ensure you work productively and do not miss the deadline.

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